Configuration Options

Hieroglyph supports several configuration settings, which can be set in the project’s Sphinx configuration file. If you used sphinx-quickstart to begin your project, this will be in the project directory.

Basic Configuration


Default: inherit from html_title

Sets the title of slide project generated. This title will be used in the HTML title of the output.


Default: True

When autoslides is True, Hieroglyph will generate slides from the document sections. If autoslides is set to False, only generate slides from the slide directive.

This can be overridden on a per-document basis using the slideconf directive.


Default: slides

The theme to use when generating slides. Hieroglyph includes two themes, slides and single-level.

This can be overridden on a per-document basis using the slideconf directive.

See Styling Slides for more information.


Default: 3

Number of Sphinx section levels to convert to slides; note that the document title is level 1. Heading levels greater than slide levels will simply be treated as slide content.

Slide Numbers


Default: False

If set to True, slide numbers will be added to the HTML output.



Default: {}

Theme specific options as a dict.

See Custom CSS for more information.


Default: [].

A list of paths to look for themes in.

For more information on styling and themes, see Styling Slides.

Interlinking HTML Output

Interlinking HTML Output can be enabled for slides, HTML, or both.

Default: False

Link from slides to HTML.

Default: False

Link from HTML to slides.

Default: False

Link individual HTML sections to specific slides.

Note that slide_link_html_to_slides must be enabled for this to have any effect.

Relative Paths

The slide/HTML interlinking needs to know how to find the slide and HTML output from the other side. There are two configuration parameters for this. They’re configured to work with Sphinx and Hieroglyph’s standard configuration (output in sub-directories of a common build directory) by default .


Relative path from HTML to slides; default: ../slides/


Relative path from slides to HTML; default: ../html/

Additional Parameters

Default: §

Text used to link between HTML sections and slides.

This text is appended to the headings, similar to the section links in HTML output.